Times yes it was very  difficult lot of obstacles in academic  session to can continue how to continue  many questions were there but here is!

CBS C which has resolved out the problem  by taking out a rationalized curriculum  more syllables for all the classes so –

We r here with class 12th English core  code number three zero one this subject  now I’ll discuss this in detail children  so please see to begin with to begin ..

with this rationalised syllabus has been  divided into–

Partt A and Part B okay so  Part A and Part B plus ASL this will be  off 100 marks the Part A is totally -!

Objective type and it is 40  marks and Part B is subjective type again forty marks and then ASL that is  assessment of speaking and listening -!

Skill twenty marks now let us take up  one by one-

Part A Part A is reading  comprehension which will be of 20 marks  listen carefully children previously-

Thear were different sections previously  children there were many sections there  are three sections-

ABC but now no  sections only part is there so Part A  will let us begin with reading! 

MC q MC q + c q MC:-

which is of 20 marks and  there will be two reading passages  totally you can see one thing one thing  common your in every question out here  you can see!.

MC q MC q + c q MC there is mcq so this is  objective actually and this reading 10 out of 11 here means!
 You will have to do only 10 and that do  all of them mcq based mcq Bayes means it  can be the multiple choice question it  can be !
okay and this will be 10 maths question and maybe short answer  question of one one line one line or one.
Word then comes case-based passage this  is something new for my class 12 childe they:
Must not have heard of  this word because we have never had this kind of passages so these case-based..
Passages are actually the passages which  are based on statistical data the charts  the newspaper reports the newspaper  cuttings okay the pie charts so again!! 
supposed to do only 10 and this will be  of 10 marks one thing good about this  reading comprehension
Will be 11 questions will be there  and all of that 11 question will be  supposed to do only 10 and this will be  of 10 marks one thing good about this  reading comprehension is-:
Previously the  word limit used to cross of the both the  passages it used to cross!almost
1250  words now it has been reduced to 700 to  750 words this is a great blessing  because you will not require much of  time to complete it then comes ..
literature is again  20 maths question and a total change  here this question number 3 will be RTC  RTC is reference to context and this  reference to context means.
what you’ve  got two books children flamingos and  vistas  out of these 2 books you will be..
Big  3 different extracts rather lines from  passages that is.
Why have written  prose one prose – and prose 3 and out of  these 3 extracts out of this 2 books.

children this RT C would be mcq very  easy to score marks now it’s the only  thing that you prepare daily read  chapters so that you can identify what  the correct answer is then ncq basics  tracks this will be there!
Will be two  extracts from the poem that is where  I’ve written extract one extract two or  is written so which means there is  internal choice out of these two you  have to do any one and this..
Will Be a  four marks with that this reading  extract and prose extractors over then  comes question number five this is you  ask..
 You will be getting ten questions  from both the books both the books means  from..
Eell as this does okay  and then you are supposed to do only  eight and that it must it means one one  marks each okay so eight marks question.
Now proceeding on to Part B children so  let us come to Part B now Part B your is  totally subjective  this is totally subjective this was part  a was objective and this is totally ..
Subject kso let us begin with the  question number one first of all the  question number one will be again like..
We had in Part A there were only two  parts an say two subparts reading  comprehension literature similarly this  part we will be having two subparts.
Sectional literature you must be  little surprised that while literature  this side also a white literature is  this side also it is because this is  only objective type m CQ based!
 Justt one liner here and here and it’s  subjective type okay so let us begin  with writing section writing section..
Will be of sixteen marks what is this  SWT children SWT is short writing task  short writing trusts  these previously we used to have short  compositions of five types notice poster.

invitation reply was there  they have just jumped chalked out  chucked out just one and that is poster  from class twelve so SWT one version …

Number one will be notice and  advertisement both the questions will  come and out of this you are supposed to  do any one so there will be internal  choice..

which will be of three months  then comes SW to this is again second  question this is formal and informal  invitation and reply again there will be  two questions  out of those two..question

you are  supposed to do any one this will be of  three marks three marks the marking  scheme as it was but because previously .

 Itd to come for marks to the marking  scheme was one one two now it is three  marks so marking scheme is…

1 plus 1 plus  1 that is format plus content plus  expression is that they are similarly  here 1 plus 1 plus 1 and F plus format  plus continue plus your formal plus  continue plus expression look each other.

Now coming to question number 3 which is  long writing task and this is letter  writing one thing is good that you are  going to get verbal or visual stimulus  previously this was not given either you

Waba get a picture or a chart something  which will come which will provide it to  you like an input or a clue so that you  can use that in your answers ok so only

Two letters will be there previously  there were four business official  application and letter to editor now we  only have two..application

For job and  related to the editor okay and there  will be both the questions but out of  those two questions you are supposed to  do any one and this will be your file  marks okay  then comes fourth question that is  article and report writing there are  only two long c..two

 And that is article and report writing  previously we had debate and speech even  which has been taken out it is included

In in class eleventh now  and so article and report writing again  two questions will be there you are  supposed to do anyone this will be of  fine Maps then coming to the most  important part that is literature it  will be of twenty four marks there will  be four questions on it question number  five six seven and eight fifth question  will be from Flemming go only but from.

well as poem and this there  will be six question and out of this  sixth question you are supposed to do  any file  similarly question number six this….

Form vistas you can see and there  will be three question and you’re  supposed to do any – okay mass  distribution you can see fifth question  will be two marks each making that 10  and this 3s accuse you have to do any  twos of two marks each making it four  then comes question number seven which  is one out of two Ella cubes this will  be from flamingo book and you are  supposed to do only one attempt only one  similarly this long answer question  would be from vistas and again you are.

Supposed to do any one marks five five  each so with that it is literature is  four and this is 16 plus 24 it makes 40  and the remaining 20 marks will be ASL  will still be yes okay this will be  conducted internally by the schools and  that is assessment of speaking and  listening skill okay so that was all  children for my class 11th children.

 I would be uploading next video and class  12 children now pull up your socks  children though the curriculum or the  syllabi has been reduced but yes it has  been it has become easier and some of  the deleted topics which I was  forgetting let me just hurriedly look  into this the deleted portion should  have very curious to know about the  deleted portion so deleted portion is  the note making has been ..

12 not from class level  then poster again these removed topics  are there included there in class limits  okay so let us forget about-

Class let us talk about 12 so note making is  not there poster is not their speech is  not their debate is not there and in the  chapters Fleming go only one only this  three lessons poets and pancakes  interview going places and yes if..

 I am  NOT wrong one poem that is a roadside  stand okay so these four lessons are  removed then comes with stars the tiger  King is removed not removed actually  deleted from the syllabus for this year  journey to the end of the earth and the..

 Last one is memories of childhood that  is memories of childhood okay so I hope  it is very clear to you people and the  the Lincoln Center sending in the  description boxes so this was children a  compact form of the..

Rationalized  curriculum or syllabus to update  yourself yes you can surely go on CBS  see website see we see academic dotnet  dot in but I am going to provide the  link in the..

Description box which you  can see later on so that’s our children  for today all the best class twelve  please pull up your socks and start  studying.

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