Russia won the COVID-19 vaccine? | Varsity claims ‘world’s 1st COVID-19 vaccine!

Russia  a Russian University claims to have  successfully completed clinical trials  of the first covert 19 vaccine in the  world  the chief researcher addressed russia’s  session or university said that the  trial successfully proved that the  vaccine was effective and safe russia’s //

vaccine candidate has been tried on two  groups of volunteers the first being a  group of 18 volunteers and were  administered the shot in june 18th the  second group of twenty volunteers  received the vaccine on the 23rd of June  the trial participants will be  discharged in two batches on July 15th  and 20th the volunteers will continue to  remain under medical supervision on an  outpatient basis but there is no  consensus on how big–

Russia’s breakthrough really is the trial size  indicates that the vaccine is currently in phase 1 or 2 the phase 3 or the  pre-marketing phase involves hundreds and even thousands of volunteers across  multiple testing centers for now only chinless in Iraq has currently entered –

 phase 3 of clinical trials so Russia’s  came of having developed the world’s –

first covert 19 vaccine remains unproven  multiple vaccine registries also lists  Russia’s candidate as currently in Phase  one the Russian government has however  backed the session of universities  finding the Russian embassy in India  tweeted on Sunday claiming to have  developed the world’s first ever vaccine!

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