Breaking Updates:Vikas Dubey hoon,Arrested At  Gangster finally Arrested in Madhya Pradesh Temple Yadav asks govt to clarify!

Vikas Dubey the gangster of Uttar Pradesh was arrested on Thursday morning after a long chase. The gangster was behind the cold- blooded killing of eight policmen in Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The eight policemen were killed by Dubey and his men aed with AK-47s on 3 july when they went to arrest Dubey at the village of Kanpur. The dreaded criminal was arrested from the famous Mahakal temple in Madhya Pradesh.

Home Minister Narottam Mishra said the Madhya Pradesh Police were looking for him and also said that Dubey and his two aides were also taken into custody. There is 60 cases against Dubey including muder, kidnapping. After Friday incident Dubey was running from the police across three state. Dubey entered Madhya Pradesh with two aides Suresh and Bittu via Kota by a car. He used a fake ID with the last name ‘Paul’.

Two femal of Dubey’s gang were also arrested. In a seperate operation another two aides of Dubey were gunned down on Thursday morning in Uttar Pradesh. Prabhat Mishra was killed by the Special Task Force (STF) while he running from the police custody snatching pistol from a policeman.

On Thursday morning while Dubey was entering into the temple a shopkeeper recognized him and the shopkeeper alert the security. There was an argument and physical fight with the security. When Dubey was coming out of the temple he was arrested..

In a video footage, it shows that Vikas Dubey slammed against a police van and shouted angrily “Main Vikas Dubey hoon, Kanpur wala! (I am Vikas Dubey of Kanpur).”

Madhya Pradesh Cheif Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan spoken to UP CM Yogi Adityanath and congratulated the local police.

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