Sushant Singh Rajput died Mumbai at 34 Age Bollywood Industry And The Whole Country In Shock

The Terrific death of a young Bollywood star actor sushant Singh Rajput is no more the 34 year old died by suicide today.

was found hanging in his Bandura home in Mumbai initial reports suggest that the actor had been suffering from acute depression for at least the.

Months some of his friends were at his residence and they had to force open the bedroom door only to find him hanging from the ceiling the actor who started off his acting career in television series😉

Rishta found fame on the big screen as well he garnered huge praise for his role as Indian😙

MS Dhoni in the blockbuster biopic MS Dhoni the untold story the prolific dancer some of his latest movies were.

Kavanagh Satori and drive on Netflix sushant Singh Rajput your hair apparently a week noon a suicide commit here yeah John Kerry Milly hair Ageha be apparently reason has the spot the Potala hanging.

TiVo Joseph yeah like NPM kebab the dr. Padma clear-cut cause of death foodies but Apogee or Mata ki jai a police’s my career philosophy suspicious puja beautifully

a week back so Shan Singh Rajput ex-secretary his manager died by suicide is what we were we were told by the Mumbai police not today sadly under mysterious circumstances his body was found hanging on inside his residence.

Now according to the Mumbai police ship as of now let’s not go ahead of yourself and guess makes any guesses but the .

Mumbi police is so far telling us that as a no suicide note or any sort of letter has been discovered from his residence as.

Now they are not suggesting any sort of foul play they are pretty much convinced that sushant singh rajput died of suicide but as of now it’s a it’s going to be a high-profile case and they are investigating it thoroughly especially.

he’s a you know his secretary also died last week so this is going to be something which is going to be a very folk of our you know major focal point in the investigation which the police is going to look into and this the bite ship.
here right now belonged to sushant singh rajput as we have been told here by the god of this particular building and just at the back of this big building in Bandra suburb in.
Rajput lived and although you know something very interesting his god was just telling us her shape that he used to talk he was very talkative used to talk a lot to all his gods or his needs and they used to take care of them as well but in the last one month .

really you know he did not look in a good mood is what his god quote unquote told us so yes definitely he the lockdown was you know very difficult time and especially for the city of mumbai past few months have been extremely deaf but this kind of a news coming in Miss amidst the the corona situation in the city has not just sent shockwaves I think is a very very tragic news which has sent everybody in absolute shock because you know this kind of a death and he was very young so.
rajput was very young he was appreciated across the fraternities and people he came from serials and he made a good you know name for himself in Bollywood fraternity as well and Bollywood is something as you were rightly mentioning shape he has always been an outsider he was not really a
Bollywood a fraternity insider an industry insider but still he made his name and he was appreciated just as an H just at an age of thirty four years old by everybody in the fraternity but a nobody you know could even imagine that he would take his life of a like this and he would leave too soon and nobody had any club.
Going on huge number of reactions of coming in there is grief there is disbelief there is shock in Bollywood over the death.
of this young superstar here are some of the reactions we’ve been getting here on India today I’m in deep shock and it comes to me here’s my personal loss because we both come from the same state and whenever.
we used to used to shoot together and we spent some time together so this connection from behind was there and then the organism .
people how John and we work on it and you talk about life you talk about what you think about life you to give me examples ?
Quality bye-bye were going to have you go a little better like training of physics and medicine and he was a very spiritual person and I don’t know I mean I don’t know what to say like something has gone from my life and damn indeed socks I mean I don’t know what to say when was the last time you spoke to Sushant County couple of months ago and two weeks ago..
I had the Mexican about my new work and expecting a reply but somehow I guess he must be busy and was there anything that you felt about his mental state we’re hearing that he was suffering from depression and you.
I know now with some issues aware of those issues was he depressed and you know now that I’m receiving you know in the soft we you know we’re all of a sudden in the moment you wake up and start telling I love you messages diseass and telling them that they are. 
y😎ou but nothing that you can do right now is going to take away from the fact that we lost someone so yeah what what when=_=
I’m in that respect actors and directors of a similar because we have very insecure Cana’s we go frightening two-sided one shiny when I film is a hit we’re on we are we are it’s a very very harsh it is the kind of people exceed I you happy unbelievable and I have no voice action or ago cross to India today news.^_^
Serova Tonya who is live from outside sushant singh rajput shreds in Mumbai’s Bandar area Saurabh sushant spotty was taken to the Cooper Hospital where a post-mortem is currently underway take us through what’s happening outside his residence there were quite there was quite a bit of crowd a short while ago what’s happening right now …Read More To Click….

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